Message from the IKYF President

/ The Second World Kyudo Taikai (Paris) 2014



Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Takeo Ishikawa, President of the International Kyudo Federation.

It is truly a great honor today to be in the presence of Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado. I would also like to express my appreciation to our distinguished guest for attending today and to those for helping to put this event today.

As mentioned previously, The Second World Kyudo Taikai will be held in July of this year in Paris, France. First, I would like to thank the members of the France Kyudo Federation (Fédération de Kyudo Traditionnel) for their tremendous support in organizing the Taikai. Personally my heart is filled with anticipation as this will be the first World Taikai to be held overseas.

I would like to take this opportunity the introduce ourselves, the International Kyudo Federation; host of the World Taikai.

The IKYF was established in 2006 under the slogan “With harmony and peace of mind; Kyudo ties together the people of the world”. Its purpose is to inherit the traditional Japanese culture that is Kyudo and promote it internationally, and the friendship and cooperation of different countries through Kyudo to realize world peace.


As of 2014, there are currently 18 member states in the IKYF. There are 25 countries that are not yet members of the IKYF but are active in Kyudo. From the establishment of the IKYF, Kyudo activities can now be seen not just in Japan, Europe or the US, but Eastern Europe, South America, Asia Oceania region and a few other areas. Today, there are now over 140,000 Kyudo practitioners in the world.

The main events that the IKYF have held in the past were in 2007 the Establishment Commemorative Taikai held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, and in 2010 the First World Kyudo Taikai held at the All Nippon Kyudo Federation Chuo Dojo in the Meiji-Jingu Gardens. Also, to cultivate future Kyudo instructors overseas, every year overseas seminars are held in the US, European, and Asia Oceania regions.

I expect more than 600 practitioners from 30 countries will come to Paris to participate in the Second World Kyudo Taikai. We hope the competitions will be thrilling to watch as there will be different categories such as team competitions by countries, and individuals grouped by different ranks vying to become champion. However, Kyudo is not only just about hitting the target. It requires dignity and elegance to show the beauty of the form and the fulfillment of the spirit during the shooting. Being able to display the “Beauty of Harmony” by the archers is a special characteristic of Kyudo.

Kyudo is not only practiced as a sport. Historically, the Yumi and Ya were tools used for hunting or for battles, but since those roles have now ended, they are now used as a technique to train the body and spirit, learning the “way of being human”. I hope that the Second World Kyudo Taikai will provide a spark to further the development of the IKYF and to cultivate mutual trust and friendship amongst all the Kyudo practitioners of the world.

Today, you will be able to view a demonstration performed by students of the Tohoku Area affected by the Great Earthquake, and a traditional Kyudo demonstration. We hope you take this opportunity to enjoy a part of Japanese culture that we have maintained.

Thank you.


国際弓道連盟会長 石川武夫  挨拶











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