The Fourth World Kyudo Taikai (Aichi-Nagoya) 2024

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The Fourth World Kyudo Taikai (Aichi-Nagoya) 2024


Dates:Thursday, 29 February 2024

Venue:Nippon Gaishi Hall

Schedule:Wednesday, 28 February / Official practice
Thursday,, 29 February Team finals / Special demonstration, Preliminaries, Finals

Event:Kinteki Kyogi, Zasha, 36 cm diameter Kasumi-mato

Categories:Team competition opposing IKYF Member Organisations

Regulations:The Taikai will be held based on the ANKF Kyudo Kyogi Regulations and the information provided on this document.

Participation fees:Team:JPY 30,000

Application deadline for each event:Tuesday, 9 January 2024

Guideline (PDF)


Team competition (3 archers, 1 substitute, 1 manager)

Preliminaries 12 arrows per team (4 arrows per archer)×2 rounds. The 16 teams with the greatest number of Tekichu will advance to the finals.

Finals 12 arrows per team (4 arrows per archer), single-elimination tournament
* Both during preliminaries and finals, ties will be broken by Ippon-Kyosha (1 arrow per archer).


Wednesday, 28 February 2024

Team competition Official practice

Thursday, 29 February 2024

Team competition Preliminaries

Team competition Finals

Venue / Map

The Fourth World Kyudo Taikai (Aichi-Nagoya) 2024
Thursday.29 February 2024

Location: Nagoya - Japan
Venue: Nippon Gaishi Hall
Address: 5-1-16 Higashi Matabee-cho, Minami-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan