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Kyudo Association (Singapore)

Kyudo Association (Singapore), formerly known as Singapore Kyudo Interest Group, was established in October 2014.This organization was established to sharing the culture, fostering personal growth, and enriching lives through the art of Japanese archery.

We welcome people from all walks of life, religions, countries and as well as practitioners from different schools/shooting styles to train with us.

Foundation Date October 2014
President Name Yuxuan Huang
Vice President Name Goh Horng Bor
Secretary Selina Wang Peixian
E-mail connect@kyudo.sg / secretary@kyudo.sg
Web Site https://www.kyudo.sg/
Number of Members
Shogo/Dan Numbers
[Renshi] 6 Dan : 1    [Renshi] 5 Dan : 1    
4 Dan : 1    3 Dan : 3    2 Dan : 15    Sho Dan : 14
Ungraded : 17
Total : 52

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